Privacy Policy

Hey there, thank you for spending time reading the privacy policy of my website and tools. Here I will explain what information the tools will collect from you and how your information is used to provide you the better understanding and confidence while using my tools.

Information Collected

The following information will be collected from you when you install my tools from the Chrome Web Store.

  • Email address

Yes, it is true. The only information that I collected is your email address, and only Gmail account is accepted in using my tools. For the G Suite subscribers, please ensure that you have noticed your administrator before installing the tools as the usage of this tool may not comply with your company's policies.

Access Permission

My tools are created by using Google Apps Scripts and published as a Google Add-on. When you installed my tools, that particular install is belongs to you and only you have the access to all your data stored in the Google Apps. The tools may request your access from the following Google Apps:

  • Gmail.
  • Google Sheets.

Campaign Monitoring Tool for Gmail

This tool uses the Google Sheets as the dashboard to manage your outgoing emails and responses. The tool will send email on behalf of you with your permission. Besides, the tool will read your inbox and run the logic to identify email status. Here are some important notice:

  • This tool will not connect to any external servers or services while running.
  • This tool did not use the "tracking beacon" to track for email responses.
  • This tool will not have a copy of any of your data from Google Sheets or Gmail in any places or servers.
  • All functions execution are running in the Google Cloud Platform in a secure environment.

Have a great day!